Fiscal and Tax Law

At Vilarrubí Abogados we offer you Tax and Accounting Advice and Consulting for individuals and legal entities.

– Tax and accounting advice and consulting for individuals and legal entities.

– Tax Planning

– Drafting of Economic Reports and Investment and Business Plans for any kind of projects.

-Drafting of Expert Reports for extrajudicial or judicial use.

-Application for financing to public and private financial entities.

-Application for all kinds of subsidies and public assistance.

-Representation of taxpayers before the competent administrative authorities.

-Advice and representation of taxpayers before the tax inspection bodies of any administration.

-Advice and intervention on behalf of taxpayers before any judicial jurisdiction.

-Intervention in purchase and sale operations of companies and any type of assets.

-Intervention in advising and consulting of merger, absorption, dissolution and corporate operations of any kind.

-Intervention in judicial proceedings in the capacity of Judicial Administrator.

-Intervention in judicial proceedings in the capacity of Insolvency Administrator.

-Advice and Fiscal and Tax Consulting in Family Business Protocols.

-Advice and Tax and Tributary Planning of Patrimonies and Inheritances.

-Tax and Tax Advice in the constitution of communities of goods, companies of any kind, associations, foundations and cooperatives.

-Advice and Tax and Tax planning for self-employed workers and companies.

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