Financial advice and compliance

We offer to our customers comprehensive solutions to their financial needs, through a transparent and innovative offer based on a long-term personal relationship, of respect and trust.

AIndependent financial advice with the Certification required by European regulations, issued by the Spanish Institute of Financial Analysts and approved by the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV).

Our strengths:

Independence: We have the products of the best institutions worldwide.

– Experience in the markets: Access to a complete and powerful global analysis of the main financial markets. We analyze more than 24,000 funds from the best international managers and make them available to our clients.

– Support in the structure of Large Financial Groups and Insurers: We are specialists in Private Banking, and we access key areas such as capital markets, market analysis or corporate banking, to serve our clients.


Our services: Estate Planning. Objectives and scope.

Estate Planning should be understood as a process, not as an isolated event, which seeks a specific result in the short, medium and long term and which may suffer alterations in the future (due to change of will, circumstances, regulations, etc.): flexibility in planning and continuous updating and maintenance plan.

– The first objective is to seek the protection and conservation of the heritage created and subsequently the increase of said heritage and its fiscal efficiency.

– To do this, it is necessary to analyze what should be the appropriate management of assets and behaviors in order to achieve personal and family objectives, also minimizing the tax bill (both in the patrimonial, personal and corporate sphere)

– The aim is to analyze “EX ANTE” alternatives (analyze the tax consequences before structuring operations or opting for a form or style of investment) and “TAILORED” (depending on the objectives pursued in each case, the financial situation, personal considerations, etc.).

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